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Friday, July 31, 2015

I Challenge You: Turn Your BELIEFS Into ACTION

Hey everyone! So my teacher friend Whitney Alexanderson from With Love From Texas gave a challenge to some Facebook friends to turn our core teaching beliefs into actions. In other words, strip away all your teacher layers and get to the core of what your teacher beliefs are. After reading her explanation, I knew this was something this veteran teacher needed to do...I pretty much couldn't shake the ideas that Whitney had shared with us from her preacher's Sunday sermon. Such a simple idea and such an idea that shook me to my core. So here's what happened...

Whitney's preacher asked "Do you know what you believe in? And if so, do you live by those beliefs?" This resonated with Whitney and she challenged us to apply this message to our teaching beliefs. 

Simple idea, right? Ummmmm yeah it's easy to give a quick response. I had done this before in college so I pulled out and dusted off my Philosophy of Education. Then I read it. Some was still right on the money but a lot of it had changed in my 10+ years as an educator. But I still felt I knew what I believed.....but did I really? Nope. Until I sat down and took the time to look inside myself. To peel back those layers of me. To throw off the insulation and the walls and get down to my core teaching beliefs.  And it was one of the hardest things I've ever done but that's what I did. 

So with an open heart, I share with you what you would see in action if you came to visit my classroom.

So now it's your turn. Take the challenge. You just might be surprised what you peel back. Let me know in the comments below what you found when you peeled back. 

Then continue on the Beliefs to Actions blog hop by visiting my friend Whitney Parlin from At Whit's End by clicking here


  1. I just love reading other people's beliefs as well! I love that each student has their own journey! I also love that you see technology as an aid...not a substitute. We are going one to one this next year...I see, especially in science with kids that have computers and game systems...they are less likely to want to keep trying at a project. I love that we both have the idea of stamina! Great job!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  2. I love your point, especially about perseverance and the need for a safe classroom. If our kids don't feel safe and loved, learning isn't going to happen in the same way. Loved reading your beliefs!


  3. Totally agree with all of your beliefs - they are great! I like the one how giving up is easy! It would be so easy for all of us to give up on that student who needs that extra bit of help but it's so much more satisfying to turn ourselves up and keep going to help them succeed! That's the best feeling there is!

    Teaching Autism