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Monday, May 2, 2016

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale


Happy Monday everyone!! I am so excited to share with you that TpT is having their annual Teacher Appreciation Sale May 3 - 4! That's tomorrow!! If your cart is anything like mine, it's FULL to the top with great products. My cart is full of products I want to use the end of this school  year and during the upcoming school year.

Now is the time to open up your wishlist and add more to your cart. Look ahead to next year at your curriculum and / or buy products that you have had your eyes on for awhile. It's your time to be appreciated!!

I'm linking up with Jen from Teaching in the Tongas on a TpT Wishlist Linky. Be sure to check out her blog for most wish listed products from other sellers.

So here are my most wish listed products from my TpT store The Marvelous Middle. Click on each of the photos below to see the product in my store.

This item is one that I currently is something that I created when I taught 6th grade. I love teaching mystery and The Westing Game was one of absolute favorites. My students always had so much fun trying to "out-sleuth" each other and be the one to figure out the "Who Dunnit?"  Now that I teach 7th and 8th grade I still have readers who love to read this book independently. Sometimes if I have a reader struggling to keep all the clues straight, I print off this product for them to use as they read. They love having their own detective notes. 

My second most wish listed item is a product that I use every year with my class. Every year, we do a Holocaust unit and this response journal is what I use with my students while they read. I have used it for literature circles and I have used it for whole class novels. It works great either way. This product is a good way to assess your students' learning quickly. They also enjoy that the questions / activities change each day that they have reading to do in their novel.

The last item is one of my favorite projects that we do in my classroom each year. It is also done during my annual Holocaust unit. After the students read their novels, they create scrapbooks that require them to synthesize all the content from the novel. This project touches on plot, setting, characters, and theme. It requires them to write about their reading and construct something that the novel's main character would have kept in their own scrapbook. They must get into the shoes of the main character and think like they do. I have yet to have a class that does not love this end of novel project.

So what are some of the items on your wishlist? Please share them in the comments below. I am always on the lookout for engaging activities for my students.